Online Bidders List (OBL)


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Online Bidders List (OBL)

All current and future OCFS bidding opportunities will be available to the public under the Available Procurements link.  User accounts from the former OBL will not be carried forward into the new OBL. 

Users must register at this website to receive notifications of bidding opportunities based on the preferences selected at the time of registration.  Users who register will also periodically receive important information about current bidding opportunities as well as general announcements about contracting with OCFS.  For in depth instructions on how to register for the OBL as well as how to maintain your profile once you have registered please click here


To receive bidding opportunity notifications you must register.

You will be asked to provide basic contact and organizational information.

Along with bidding opportunity notification, registration also allows you to receive procurement related communications, and important announcements.

User friendly instructions are provided to guide users through the registration process.


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